About Springfield FC

Located in Springfield Pa, Delaware County; Springfield FC (SFC) governs the boys and girls travel soccer program. Springfield FC works with the Springfield Athletic Association(SAA) to provide the growth, both on and off the soccer field for the Springfield community and beyond. While we’re a township team in name, we also open our membership to those from outside of Springfield that wish to join our program.

Over the years, Travel Soccer has moved from primarily a Fall sport for player ages 8-18, to a year round sport. The club strives to support both the year-round and seasonal player. Many of our Elite teams will continue to play and train year round, and we highly encourage and support all others to as well. The club's goal is to offer optional winter training and Spring play to all interested players.

Each new season begins in Fall. Teams will train from August-November 2 or 3 times per week, league games on the weekends and Tournaments spread throughout the season. Over the winter, teams can expect indoor training sessions, with their team or age group along with a winter league of the coach’s choosing. Then in Spring, teams get outdoors again for training and league play. SFC also has options available, depending on level, for Summer Teams that will train and enter tournaments.

Beyond Soccer

SFC truly believes in growing our kids to become better adults, giving them opportunities to showcase not only who they are as players, but as human beings. As players/teams begin to get older, we believe continuing to play at a Club level will be beneficial for their next step (U15 and above), this is why we will fully encourage continued play through high school and support our teams by entering them into College Showcases with the full support of SFC. We want to help our players take that next step, not only in their soccer careers but in life.

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